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We're excited to announce three new features!

1.) Infusionsoft Integration - JVZoo now integrates directly with Infusionsoft. If your business utilizes Infusionsoft, now you can have your customer and order information immediately pushed into your Infusionsoft CRM after a completed JVZoo purchase.

2.) Frozen Preapprovals - It is now possible to reactivate preapprovals after the billing has failed. Instead of cancelling the Preapproval, JVZoo now freezes the Preapproval so sellers can follow up with customers to see if they want to continue their product subscription. For more information, please check out our Knowledge Base article: Frozen Preapprovals.

3.) Preapproval Failure - Now Sellers can view a report of all their preapprovals that have failed and the reason they have failed in one place. Thus, making it possible for you to reach out to the party on the preapproval that caused the failure. For more information, please check out our Knowledge Base article: Preapproval Failure.

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