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Frozen Preapproval -Unfreeze a Preapproval

It is now possible to reactivate a Preapproval after the billing has failed. Previously Preapprovals were automatically cancelled after the payment failed four times. Instead of cancelling the Preapproval JVZoo now freezes the Preapproval so sellers can follow up with customers to see if they want to continue their product subscription.

If you receive failed billing notifications or a notification that a Preapproval has been frozen go to the Preapproved payment plan by navigating to Sellers > Reports > Preapprovals, or click here.  You can search the keyword by entering the customer email in the keyword field. You can also use the filters to search for all frozen Preapprovals.


If you have been in contact with the customer and they are able to make the payment you can unfreeze the payments. Open the Preapproval and next to the status you will see the Frozen button. Clicking the button will unfreeze the payments. The JVZoo system will then attempt to bill the customer again using the same process of - attempting to bill the customer four times and if the payment is not successful the Preapproval will be frozen again. If you cancel a frozen Preapproval it cannot be reactivated.


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