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Preapproval Failure

JVZoo now allows Sellers to view a report of all their preapprovals that have failed and the reason they have failed in one place.  To view the Preapproval Failures Report simply go to

Sellers > Reports > Preapprovals > Preapproval Failures or click here.  

Here you will see a list of preapprovals that have failed for the current day.  In addition, you will see the failure reasons and how many failed for that reason. You will also see a list of the individual preapprovals that failed, the PayKey, and the exact reason.  



To make things easy, you can change the date range to search for a specific day or a specific time period.  

Additionally, you can click on each individual PreKey to be taken to the preapproval details where you can find the customer’s information and the affiliate’s information.  You can then reach out to the party on the preapproval that caused the failure to let them know that the monthly rebill has failed, the reason it failed, and to ask if they would like to correct the problem before the Seller cancels the subscription.  If the preapproval fails 4 times before the failure has been corrected, JVZoo will freeze the preapproval. For more information on Frozen Preapprovals click here.

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