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This is extremely exciting and we can’t wait to share it with you all!

JVZoo has its own Public Marketplace!

Check it Out Here at JVZooMarket.com

Why is this great news?

Because now anyone can find, view, and purchase your product or service whether or not they have a JVZoo account! This is a HUGE asset if you are Seller. Especially when you consider that JVZoo is now publicly promoting your products!

Just think about it… Anyone, ANYWHERE, AT ANYTIME, ANY PLACE can now purchase your product or service.

What Are The Requirements For Having Your Product Listed In The New JVZoo Public Marketplace:

  1. Must be a product approved for sale by JVZoo
  2. Must be available for sale (not inactive or archived)
  3. Minimum price of $17.00
  4. Must have a product image uploaded
  5. Product description of at least 50 characters
  6. Must have a minimum of 25 sales

For even more information on the new Public JVZoo Marketplace, please refer to these Knowledge Base articles:

* Product Is Not Listed In The Public Marketplace
* Product Availability In The Public Marketplace
* Public Marketplace
* Product Images

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Your JVZoo Team!

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