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How to Set Up Your Lulu Integration

To integrate your product with Lulu navigate to Sellers > Seller Dashboard and click the orange “Add Product” button or click the “Edit” button next to the product that you wish to integrate.

You will then set up your product. For more information on how to set up a physical product, click here.  

On the checkout tab under Information Collection, you must check to Collect customer phone numbers and require it at check out.  This is required by Lulu for the fulfillment process.


The option to integrate with Lulu is under Advanced Settings.  Click the box next to “Add a Lulu Integration.”


The following information is needed from your Lulu developer’s account:

  1. Public URL to your Book Interior file, which must be self-hosted;
  2. Public URL to your Book Cover file, which must be self-hosted;
  3. SKU from Lulu’s Price calculator, which is based on what you are printing; and
  4. Base64 encoded Key & Secret (API Key), which you will find in your Lulu Developer’s account under API Keys.  


In the section shown above, enter your Book Interior File URL and Book Cover File URL.

Next, enter your SKU and your Base64 encoded Key & Secret (API Key).  

Once you have entered all the information, click the blue “Save My Product” button.

Please note, if the information you entered above does not match the settings provided by Lulu and you have not selected to require phone numbers are check out, orders may be rejected.  

For more information on how orders are processed with Lulu, click here.



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