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How To Handle Repeated Rebill Failures

JVZoo now gives you the option to choose how repeated rebill failures are handled.  If billing fails, we will attempt to collect the payment 3 more times over the next 7 days.  Currently, the default for failed rebills is that they will be frozen (paused). However, now, if the billing fails on the final attempt, you can set how JVZoo will handle them.  You can choose to have them frozen or canceled. This can now be done for each individual product that you have set up as a recurring product. You can choose how to set repeated rebill failures by going to Sellers > Sellers Dashboard and click the “Edit” button next to the product you would like to set how rebills are handled.  

On the product editor section, go to the Product Price tab and under Payment Information, find the drop-down for “How to handle repeated rebill failures" and select between Freeze and Cancel as shown on the screenshot below:



If you choose to freeze repeated rebill failures, JVZoo will stop attempting to rebill the customer. This gives you the opportunity to reach out to the customer to find out if they wish to continue their subscription. JVZoo will not attempt to rebill the customer until you unfreeze their subscription.  For more information on how to unfreeze a recurring payment, please click here.

If you choose to cancel repeated rebill failures, JVZoo will send the cancellation IPN.  Once you have canceled a recurring payment, the customer will have to repurchase the product to regain access.  

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