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How to Lock Your Personal Data

Under Privacy Laws, you have the right to restrict your personal data.  JVZoo has implemented a self-service way for customers to lock their personal data. To lock your personal data and prevent it from being processed or used, log in to your account here and click My Account.


Select "Lock Account Data" and your personal data will be locked, preventing it from being used or processed.


Once you have locked your data, you will receive confirmation that it has been locked.

If you wish to unlock your data at a later date, follow the same steps and click the orange "Unlock Account Data" button.


Please note that once your account is locked you cannot make ANY changes to it, including changing your password.  If you forget your password while it is locked, you will have to reach out to our support team so they can assist you with how to unlock your account.

DISCLAIMER: Neither JVZoo nor any employee or representative of the Company is an expert on GDPR regulations. It is recommended that you speak with your accountant and counsel to ensure you're protecting your business.

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