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Physical Products

JVZoo now supports the listing of physical products.  As a Seller, you may list any physical product that you own for sale on the site.  However, you must abide by any applicable, state, local, federal, or other law, rule or regulation related to the sale and/or shipment of the product.  In addition, the following items are restricted and CANNOT be sold on JVZoo:

  • Firearms and explosive items
  • Erectile dysfunction or sexual support products
  • Hair loss drugs
  • Any drugs or pharma drugs
  • Food
  • Medical devices
  • Tobacco or vape products
  • Radiation-Emitting Products
  • Vaccines, Blood, & Biologics Products
  • Most Dietary Supplements.  However, JVZoo reserves the right to allow this type of product after review.    
  • Alcohol
  • Live plants or animals
  • Stolen or Counterfeit Property.
  • Gambling products
  • Any items or commodities that are used for monetary exchange including, but not limited to airplane tickets, currency, gems, lottery tickets and precious metals
  • Any product that is not FTC Compliant or meet FDA Regulations

The Seller will need to have fulfillment planned, clear communication with the buyer of the physical product to include timelines for delivery and tracking, and clear communication on how refunds are handled and return tracking is handled. For more information on refunds, please click here.  JVZoo will collect shipping addresses and phone numbers, if enabled by the Seller. The Seller is responsible for exporting orders from JVZoo and into the fulfillment center of their choice. For more information on how to export your orders, please click here.

The Seller is responsible for the collection and payment of any taxes related to the sale.

JVZoo receives a 5% commission on the product price of the physical product. JVZoo does NOT receive a commission on the cost of shipping set by the Seller. In addition, if you allow Affiliates to promote your product, their commission is calculated on the product price only, not the cost of shipping.  

Currently, Physical Products will not appear in the Public Marketplace.

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