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Subscribe/Unsubscribe from launch email notifications

You can unsubscribe from launch notifications by clicking the link in any notification email that you receive which will take you to your JVZoo customer account or by logging into your customer account and going to Notifications on the menu: Customer_Dashboard_-_JVZoo.png


Here you will see a list of all sellers that you are subscribed to receive notifications about their new launches.  To unsubscribe simply click the remove button:
My_Notifications_-_JVZoo.pngThe option to start or stop notifications from any seller can also be adjusted in your account by accessing any purchase you have made. Click on View Details and then under the Product Information you can click Unsubscribe, as shown here, at any time.


Additionally at the bottom of any JVZoo page, you can view other products that the seller offers.




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