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Missing purchase

If you are not seeing a recent purchase in your account, it could be that the payment may not be completed yet, or the information has not been successfully returned to JVZoo. If the information is not being sent back to JVZoo, then JVZoo is unable to deliver the purchase at this point. You will need to contact the seller's support desk directly to find out if they did receive the payment in their payment account. If so, they can set you up with access to their program directly.

The other possible reason you are unable to locate your purchase is that you created a new account by entering a different delivery email address than you previously used when ordering a product through JVZoo, or there was a typo error in the delivery ema


If you need assistance determining which account the product is located in, or you are unable to locate your purchase, you can open a support ticket here. When opening a support ticket, be sure to include your PayPal email, delivery email, and if available, your transaction number.

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