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Selecting the access level of a new subuser account

There are seven (7) different levels that you can grant to a subuser.  You may grant as many levels as you like to the subuser simply by checking the box next to each level.  The levels are as follows:

Manage Transactions:  Subusers can refund transactions, search transactions, resend receipts, manage pre-approvals and view transaction details

Manage Products:  Subusers can manage checkout banners, the product dashboard and manage sales funnels

Payouts:  Subuser can manage commissions to Affiliates

Affiliates:  Subuser can manage banned Affiliates, manage Auto-Approved Affiliates, Manage Affiliate Requests, Manage Affiliate Bonuses and Request Affiliate Status

Manage JVs:  Subuser can manage JVs

Reporting:  Subuser can view sales report, view pre-approval report, view paid to Affiliates report, view VAT report, view dashboard, view unpaid commissions, perform transaction search and Affiliate dashboard

My Account:  Subuser can manage account administration, export customers, manage payment profiles, manage W9s, manage APIs, manage messages, manage subusers, manage customer filtering and manage product compliance.

Learn how to set up a subuser in the following article here.

By granting another user subuser access to your account you take full responsibility for the subuser's actions that you have granted permission to do within your JVZoo account.

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