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Sub-accounts (Subuser) for Assistants

Subuser accounts allow you to give limited access to account managers, Affiliate managers, and other business assistants. You can select the permissions you want your subusers to have.

In this guide, we'll walk you through setting up subuser accounts.

  1. From the main dashboard, click the My Account drop-down menu and select Account Details.
  2. Scroll down the Account page and click the Subusers section. It is important to take note that the Subusers should already have their own active JVZoo account. If your assistant does not have a JVZoo account yet, please have them create an account through here. Select Edit Information then.
  3. Once done, enter their JVZoo email address and click Add New Subuser.
  4. After adding the account, it should show up on the same page where you can manage the account and add permissions such as the following:
    • Manage Transactions – this permission allows user to search transactions, process refunds, resend receipts, manage your pre-approvals and view transaction details.
    • Payouts – this will allow the Subuser to process and review commissions.
    • Manage JVs- setup JV contracts.
    • Reporting – allow users to view sales report, Pre-approval reports, Paid to Affiliates report, VAT reports, Unpaid commissions, perform transaction search, and access both your Seller as well as Affiliate dashboard.
    • Manage Products- allows users to manage checkout banners, product dashboard, and manage sales funnels.
    • Affiliates- manage Banned, Auto-approved, and Affiliate approval request. This permission also manages Affiliate bonuses and status request.
    • My Account – this permission provides user all administrative privileges including account administration, payment profiles, W9s, APIs, manage other Subusers, customer filtering, as well as product compliance.
  5. After adding all necessary access, click Save Subuser.

You can learn more about the subuser access levels in the article here.

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