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What is a Verified User and KYC?

JVZoo is introducing VERIFIED user accounts to better serve and protect our network.

KYC (Know Your Client or Customer) are a set of standards used within the financial services industry to verify customers, their risk profiles, and financial profile. It allows us to know if a person is who they claim to be.

JVZoo has integrated with a third party verification system, Veriff, to safely collect user information and IDs for verifying your identity. JVZoo does NOT store your personal information and will only access your personal information when an incident requires it. You can rest assured our verification process is safe and reliable. 

Having users identities VERIFIED allows both JVZoo and our users to know if people are who they say they are. We know that fraudsters and scam artists rarely use their real names which is why in the near future, JVZoo will be recommending only working with VERIFIED users.

There is a nominal fee associated with verification when utilizing a third party to collect and verify identification information. We feel this is a small price to pay to know your personal information is not being stored on JVZoo's servers.

You do not have to become VERIFIED to continue using JVZoo as we are not being required at this time to provide this information to utilize our payment facilitators.

We will be making a push for our users to become VERIFIED and will also recommend choosing to do business with users you know personally or that have been VERIFIED on our network. JVZoo will have new features rolling out that will eventually require verification.

To learn how to become a verified user, click here.  

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