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How to Add Order Bumps to Your Product

Sellers can now add order bumps to a product so that customers can check out one time, purchasing multiple products.  While the customer will only checkout once, they will receive unique receipt, integration and transaction information for all products they checked off to purchase. In addition, refunds are independent of each other so you can refund one product or multiple products.

Before you can add an order bump to a product, all products must be added to your account and must be in a funnel.  To learn how to add a product, click here.  To learn how to create a funnel, click here.  

Once you have added all your products to your account and placed them in your funnel, you can then add Order Bumps to your products.

To add an Order Bump, click the edit button next to the product you want them added to and the click on the Order Bumps tab as shown here:
If your product is not in a funnel, you will see a message that you must configure a funnel for the product first as shown here: 


If your product is already in a funnel, you will be able to select which products you want to add as Order Bumps on the checkout page for that product from a dropdown list.  Simply select the product you want to add and then click the “Add Product As Order Bump” button.

You can add a maximum of 3 Order Bumps to a product.

After you have added your Order Bumps you can move them around to any order you would like by dragging and dropping them.  Once they are in the order you want them to appear on the checkout page, you can edit how each one will appear by clicking the on Options to expand the section:

Here you can customize the name (product title), price and description that will be displayed on the checkout page.  You can customize basic html formatting of all of the items in order to increase conversion.  

Once you have configured your order bump(s) and saved them, if you want to preview the checkout page go to https://www.jvzoo.com/b/0/PRODUCT_ID.

If an order bump is purchased, the customer will be taken to the last order bump’s upsell page not the original product.  Therefore, if you place an upsell as the order bump, the customer will not see the order bump after purchasing, but rather they will see the order bump’s upsell.

TIP: Products added as order bumps should be products that compliment the original purchase of the customer and require little to no extra selling. If the product were to require an entire sales page to explain how it compliments the original purchase, it would not be appropriate to add as an order bump.

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