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How to Add Your Product to the Launch Calendar

The JVZoo Calendar is a resource where you can view the upcoming launches on JVZoo. As a seller you can be on the launch calendar to get more exposure to new affiliates and so other sellers can see you have an upcoming launch, if your product is not ready to be launched immediately.

To add your product to the Launch Calendar go to Sellers > Seller Dashboard and click the orange “Add Product” button.Seller_Dashboard_-_JVZoo.jpg

Next, click the “Select” button under the “Add to Launch Calendar” option.


Enter your Product Name, Launch Date and Time, Product Price, Commission Rate, Sales Page, if it is ready, and JV Page, if you have one.  Then click the “Save to Launch Calendar” button.


To watch a video on how to do this click here.

Please note that ALL products must undergo a compliance review in order to go live, be sold, or for affiliates to promote. We recommend allowing at least 72 hours for a compliance review to include enough time for product owners to make necessary changes if needed.

Once you have saved your product to the Launch Calendar you can view it by going to Products > Launch Calendar or clicking here.

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