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JVZoo Awards

Each year JVZoo announces their Top Performance Leaders for Sellers and Affiliates.  These are yearly awards.  If/when this award is granted by JVZoo it is awarded to the Top Sellers (Product Owners) and Top Affiliates on the network.

Some years we may announce monthly or quarterly, while others we will do a lead up to the final announcement, giving the monthly placement during the 4th quarter of the year.

Awards are announced and given to the name on the account as it appears within JVZoo.  Therefore, partnerships must either be under a company name (ex. JVZoo) or include all partners names in the Account Name (ex. John Doe and Jane Smith). If/When a company name is used, JVZoo will reach out to the email address listed as the Contact Email on the account to find out who the owners/partners are and their mailing addresses for physical awards.

JVZoo Users are allowed to hold multiple accounts that properly represent the partnerships or businesses behind the accounts.

Due to the fact that multiple products launch every day on JVZoo, we cannot keep up with partnerships that take place outside our company and are not listed within JVZoo as the Account Name.

Please remember awards are supposed to be fun. We want to acknowledge our users' hard work and success, however our business is running this amazing affiliate network, not keeping up with who is partnering with who for what product. It’s simple - list the name of your company or partnership as the Account Name in JVZoo if you don’t want to be left out!

The following article explains how you can update your account name at any time:

Updating your personal details


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