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How To Configure PayPal Commerce Platform

JVZoo now integrates with the PayPal Commerce Platform, a new and better way to use PayPal.

The PayPal Commerce Platform is an updated and much more feature-rich version of PayPal. It was formerly known as PayPal Partners and it’s an extremely flexible and reliable solution for e-commerce, digital sales and much more.

In order to use the PayPal Commerce Platform, you must have a PayPal business account.

To connect your PayPal Commerce Platform account, go to My Account > Payment Profiles or click here.  Click the blue “Configure” button under PayPal Commerce Platform.


Next click the blue "Add Account" button as shown here:


You will then be taken to PayPal's site where you will have to complete the information they request to complete your setup.  Once you have completed your setup on PayPal's site, you will be taken back to your JVZoo account and will see your account listed:


Lastly, click the green "Save Changes" button. 

If you wish to remove your PayPal Commerce Platform account, simply click the Disable button.

After you have your PayPal Commerce Platform account active and connected, you can select this payment processor in your Product Editor.  For more information on how to do this, please click here.

In addition, you will need to enable JVZooPay at either an account level or product level to ensure that all commissions go to the affiliate’s JVZooPay account.  You can read more about that here.  

This is going to change how many of you do business online and through JVZoo. We firmly believe that, along with JVZooPay, the PayPal Commerce Platform integration is the best solution for our members. 

For more information on the PayPal Commerce Platform, check out our blog post here.


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