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JVZooPay Rolling Reserves

In accordance with JVZoo’s Affiliate Agreement, Section 9, JVZoo may impose a rolling reserve requirement to any JVZooPay account with limited JVZoo history, high refund rates (specific to their affiliate sales), or for any user which is being investigated for spam, illegal activities, or other violation of JVZoo’s Terms or Agreements.  

The reserve, if implemented, will be based on the past six (6) months sales generated by the associated affiliate account and will be held at 25% of that number. As it is a rolling reserve the number may change daily.

If you have a Rolling Reserve on your account, you will see it here:

If you are a user who has other accounts with substantial history and low refund rates that result in a faster payout level with no restrictions, and feel the rolling reserve is only due to this being a newer account, you may write into support with both your older account information as well as the new account you wish to be reviewed for the reserve to be removed.

In addition, the timer next to a transaction is when the commission would become available as per your JVZooPay level, however if you have a rolling reserve on your account, up to 25% of the past 6 months “available for distribution” may be held.

If you do not make any more sales then the reserve will be lifted after 6 months from the date of each sale. 

For more details on the Rolling Reserve, please review Section 9 of JVZoo’s affiliate agreement or click here.

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