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JVZooPay Requirements

In order to receive a distribution from your JVZooPay account you must meet all the requirements.  Those requirements are as follows:

  • You have over $50.00 available for distribution;
  • You have a JVZooPay Distribution Method selected.
  • Your distribution method matches your payment method that you selected under the JVZooPay Distribution Method.
  • You properly filled out the required tax forms.
  • You have sales from 5 unique customers.
  • You do not have any outstanding invoices. 
  • Your account has not been disabled by JVZoo Administration.   

If you have met all the requirements, there will be a green check and your distributions will be made according to your JVZooPay level.

If you have not met all the requirements, there will be red X next to the requirement to indicate which ones have not been met 


To learn more about how to set your JVZooPay Distribution Method click here.

To learn more about what tax forms are required, click here.

To learn more about invoices, click here.

JVZoo reserves the right to limit withdrawals at any time, for any reason, usually pending any investigation into Terms of Service violations, or other activities that may be deemed harmful to JVZoo or its users.

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