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Cookieless Tracking

JVZoo now has cookieless tracking as a backup system to ensure that the affiliate who referred a customer receives credit.  If a customer clicks an affiliate link, but deletes their cookies, switches to another device during checkout, changes browsers during checkout or the cookie is blocked due to changes to the browser, the affiliate will still receive credit.   

If an affiliate id or cookie is not present, JVZoo now looks up the last affiliate that referred the customer  by the customer’s IP address. Cookieless tracking is location dependent, not device or browser dependent.  

The following limitations apply to cookieless tracking:

  • JVZoo currently only retains cookieless details for 14 days.
  • If multiple customers are on the same router, on the same VPN or in some other way are assigned to the same IP address AND all customers lose their affiliate tracking and cookie tracking, there is a fraction of a chance that an affiliate who was credited by another user at that IP could be credited for the purchase of another customer.  
  • If a customer’s IP address changes after their last cookie was set or refreshed AND they lose all affiliate tracking AND cookies then the cookieless affiliate backup system will not be able to save the tracking.
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