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How Do I Endorse a User?

If there is a user who you have worked with and would like to endorse to let others know that they are ethical marketers with smart and compliant sales copy, they support their products long term, and they are trustworthy and knowledgeable, you can now do so with JVZoo’s User Endorsements.

To endorse a user, go to their Profile Page.  You will now see a section on Endorsements. You can endorse a user for all or one of the categories:  Communicative/Responsive, Produces Quality Products, Longtime Support of Products or Knowledgeable. To endorse the user for any of those categories, simply click the “Endorse" button.


Once you have endorsed a user, a green check mark will appear stating that your endorsement has been recorded and other users will be able to see who you have endorsed.


Each user may give 1 Endorsement per category.   If you wish to remove the endorsement at a later date, you may do so by simply clicking the green check button to remove the endorsement.

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