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How Do I Set An Affiliate to JVZooPay?

As a Seller you now have the option of setting your affiliates to JVZooPay when they request to promote your product.

To set an individual affiliate who has requested to promote your product to JVZooPay, simply go to Sellers > Affiliate Options > Affiliate Requests or click here.  

Next locate the affiliate and click the green “JVZooPay” button next to their name.


If you approve the affiliate for the front end product in a funnel, the affiliate will be approved for all products in that funnel and all commissions will be sent to their JVZooPay account.

You may also change a current affiliate to receive their commissions through JVZooPay.  To do so, simply go to Sellers > Affiliate Options >Your Affiliates or click here.  

Locate the affiliate that you wish to set to JVZooPay and click the green “Edit” button next to their name.


Next, the Edit Affiliate Details Page will pop up. Select the bubble next to “JVZooPay” and then click the blue “Save” button.


Once you have saved the changes, you will be taken back to Your Affiliates page where you will see JVZooPay in the status for that affiliate.  


Once you have configured JVZooPay for an affiliate, all fees associated with the sale of your product by that affiliate, other than the Seller’s portion and their payment processor fees, will be collected by JVZoo at the time of sale.  The Affiliate's commission, JV contracts and JVZoo’s fee will be collected and place in the corresponding JVZooPay accounts.

Please note custom commission for an affiliate overrides all other commissions.

In addition, as a Seller you must have PayPal or BlueSnap set up as your payment processor to use JVZooPay.  For more information on how to set up your BlueSnap account, click here.  For more information on how to set up your PayPal account, click here.  

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