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JVZooPay Feature Update: Your Money, Your Way.

JVZoo always wants to keep you, the user, in the driver's seat and this update provides the ability to be fully in control of your available payout balance.

Choose: Automatic or Manual WITH Thresholds.

If you're looking to have your payouts paid to your account as soon as possible, you can select to have JVZooPay AUTOMATICALLY send your funds as soon as they're available.

If you/your business is more of a once a week, or pay at the end of the month type, then you have the ability to transfer funds whenever you'd like using our MANUAL Withdraw System.

If you'd prefer money only be transferred when you've reached a specific THRESHOLD (say $1000), now you have the ability to set that up, too!

Payout Levels and Distribution Requirements do still apply.

We'll be adding even more updates and integrations soon!

To find out more on these options, head over to our Knowledge Base!

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