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How to Set a Minimum Distribution Threshold in JVZooPay

JVZoo now allows you to set your minimum distribution amount in JVZooPay to a threshold that you prefer.  

To change your minimum distribution threshold amount in JVZooPay, simply go to My Account > My Account and scroll down to the JVZooPay Configurations section.  Next click the blue “Edit” button.


At the bottom of this page, you will find Minimum Distribution Threshold.  All accounts are currently set to the lowest amount allowed by JVZooPay, $50.00.  To set your distribution to a larger amount, simply type in the amount in the box. Next click the green “Save” button.


Once you have set your minimum distribution threshold, you will not receive any payments until you have earned that amount of commissions in your JVZooPay account.  When you login to your JVZooPay account, you will see if you have met your minimum threshold and, if so, when your next distribution will be sent.

If you have not met your minimum distribution threshold, the JVZooPay requirement will be marked with a red X.


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