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How to Manually Request a JVZooPay Distribution

If you have set your JVZooPay account to manual distributions, you will have to login to your JVZooPay account and request a payment.  To request a manual distribution, simply go to My Account > JVZooPay or click here.

Here you will see that you have set your account to manual withdrawal.  If you have met the minimum threshold, you will see a blue “Request a withdrawal” button.  To request a withdrawal, simply click the blue “Request a withdrawal” button.


Next you will see a page that tells you how much is available for distribution and a place to enter an amount for withdrawal.  Simply enter the amount that you would like to withdraw in the “Withdraw Amount” box and click the green “Request Withdraw” button.


You will then be taken back to the distributions page where you will see a message that your withdrawal request will be initiated within 24 hours.

Please note if you set your account to manual distribution, you will not receive any distributions until you manually request the payment.

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