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Required Tax Forms and more frequent payment release dates

International Affiliate W8 Forms area available and linked in your payout checklist on your JVZooPay Dashboard. Per law, these tax documents must be collected by JVZoo, and will not be filed with the IRS unless otherwise required.

International Affiliates may complete the W8's today and any due payouts from JVZooPay will be released tomorrow upon verification of W8 completion.

Speaking of payouts...upon release of JVZooPay the distribution release days were Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Now that we've better ironed out the process, we'll soon be increasing those distribution days to every day. Your payout level still applies, however distributions will soon happen daily. This means if you qualified for a payout on Saturday, you no longer have to wait until Monday for your distribution to be initiated.

More JVZooPay Updates will be released shortly and we'll update you as soon as they're live.

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