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Product Ratings and Reviews

Customers now have the ability to rate a product that they purchased from a Seller.  These product ratings are done through the customer’s receipt. A customer can only review a product once and cannot do a review of a product after it has been refunded.  

Reviews are intended to give customers honest product ratings from fellow consumers.  Our goal is to collect both favorable and critical opinions that customers have about a product while avoiding reviews that mislead customers.

There are certain types of behavior surrounding reviews that will not be tolerated on the platform. While we feel most of this should be understood, we have provided examples below of reviews we do not allow:

  • A product owner or partner may not post a review of their own product, posing as an unbiased customer;
  • A customer cannot post a review in exchange for payment in any form (monetary, bonus material, discounts for future purchases, etc.);
  • Sellers may not ask customers for a positive review, however, they may request an unbiased review;
  • Sellers may not post negative reviews on their competitor’s product.
  • Sellers may not post positive reviews on a peer’s product in exchange for a positive review from them.

Users that violate any of the above will be given a warning and a reminder of the policy. Further violations will result in loss of their JVZoo account.

If you feel a JVZoo User is misusing Customer Reviews/Ratings, please open a support ticket with our helpdesk providing any evidence you have. Tickets based on assumption will not be investigated.

For more information on how to leave a product rating, click here.

For more information on where to view product ratings, click here.

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