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I’m Not a US Citizen, Why Do I Have to Complete a W-8 Tax Form?

The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”), a US governmental agency, requires JVZoo collect W-8BEN forms from all international payees to establish non-US residency status and to claim beneficial ownership of the income.  In accordance with US tax law, JVZoo will not process payment to non-residents unless a properly completed W-8BEN form is received. 

In 2014, the IRS created multiple types of W-8 forms for different tax situations. All of the different types of W-8 forms can be found here on the U.S. IRS website.  The most commonly used W-8 forms are W-8BEN forms for individuals and W-8BEN-E forms for legal entities such as corporations and partnerships. Other versions of W-8 tax forms are meant for other specific types of business entities. Please carefully read over the descriptions and information provided with each form to determine which is best for your tax situation.

The information regarding W-8 forms can sometimes be confusing, as Affiliates from different countries may have to provide different information on their W-8 forms. JVZoo is unable to offer tax advice - we encourage you to contact a tax professional.

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