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How Do I Setup my JVZooPay Commission to go to Payoneer?

JVZooPay can be utilized by both Sellers and Affiliates.  

As an Affiliate you must have a Payoneer account to receive payments through JVZooPay.  To configure your JVZooPay account, go to My Account > Payment Profiles or click here.  Click the blue “Configure” button under JVZooPay.


Next click the blue “Configure Payoneer” button.


If you do not currently have a Payoneer account, follow the steps on the New Account tab and click the blue “Sign Up for a Payoneer Account.”  If you currently have a Payoneer account follow the steps on the “Existing Account” tab and click the blue “Use an Existing Payoneer Account.”


After your Payoneer account has been successfully connected, click the blue “Enable Commission Payments” button.  Once completed, you will be able to start receiving commissions in your JVZooPay account.

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