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Can I Use BlueSnap for Recurring Products?

If you are a Seller who has recurring products, you may use BlueSnap as your payment processor. BlueSnap has an award-winning Subscription Billing engine that offers users amazing features.

BlueSnap’s Subscription Billing:

  • Has an Account Updater that automatically updates your customer’s subscription payment information so you don't lose sales when their card expires or changes. This feature is automatically enabled for all of their merchants, and no setup is required.
  • Provides Dunning Management, a mechanism that automatically retries subscription purchases several times during a grace period.  When a recurring charge is declined by a processor, it has one of two decline types:
    • Hard decline: Indicates that the charge should not be retried, and may occur due to a lost or stolen card, suspected fraud, or other reason.
    • Soft decline: The charge failed this time but can be retried.  In case of a soft decline, BlueSnap will automatically retry the charge 5, 10, and 14 days after the initial decline.

In addition, unlike other payment processors, if you ever wish to leave BlueSnap you can take your recurring payments with you to another payment processor as long as that processor is PCI compliant.  

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