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What is JVZooPay?

JVZooPay is JVZoo’s newest option for automated affiliate commission payouts. JVZooPay offers Sellers who use BlueSnap, PayPal Commerce Platform, PayCafe and Stripe with JVZooPay as their payment processors to have the option to pay their affiliate commissions through JVZooPay.  

JVZoo will continue adding new payment processors. Announcements will be made when a new processor is added. You'll see the updates through the News when you login to your account,  Social Media channels, in the Knowledgebase, and through the Search tool in your account.

When you select JVZooPay for commission payouts, JVZoo will collect all fees associated with the transaction at the time of sale.  The collected fees include affiliate commission, JV commission, and the JVZoo 5% transaction fee for completed sales. Commissions are sent to the affiliate’s JVZooPay account. This removes the Seller/Affiliate association and automates payout of commissions via Payoneer, Payment Rails (bank account or PayPal) or Wise. 

Users will be paid out within 30 days depending upon their level within JVZooPay and their rolling reserve.

Levels are determined by:

  • Length of time the user has held a JVZoo account
  • Number of affiliate sales made
  • Refund rate associated with the account

Your JVZooPay level can be found within your JVZooPay Account on your withdrawal page.

Levels are recalculated and updated daily.

Here is an example of our Diamond Level, and how you can expect to view your level and payout time:


To learn more about the specific payout timeframe for all levels you can read the article found here.

In addition to the levels offered in JVZooPay, there are additional requirements that must be met for JVZooPay to make payment to an Affiliate:

  • Required tax forms must be completed before payment is released;
  • Affiliate must have an active account with Payoneer, Payment Rails or Wise for JVZooPay withdrawal;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $50;
  • You must have sales from at least 5 different and unique buyers on JVZoo before you are eligible to withdraw funds for the first time;
  • When there is a negative balance of up to $50, you must earn enough commissions to cover the deficit in addition to accruing the $50 minimum before the next withdrawal can be made. If your account is negative over $50 and remains overdrawn for more than 48 hours the credit card on file will be charged.  If you do not have a card on file you will be prompted to add one before the partial restriction placed on your account is removed.

Users can request a maximum withdrawal of $10,000 a day and $50,000 a week.  In addition, there will be a $25 fee deducted for any distribution that is made and returned to JVZoo by the payment facilitator.

JVZoo may also ask for additional information about a user’s business and/or identity before withdrawals can be made.

JVZoo reserves the right to limit withdrawals at any time, for any reason, usually pending any investigation into Terms of Service violations, or other activities that may be deemed harmful to JVZoo or its users.


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