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Notice of User Agreement Updates

JVZoo will be updating our User Agreements for both Sellers and Affiliates on Tuesday, March 5, 2019. The updates in our agreements are specific to the features and use of the features being added to the platform addressing both payment processing and affiliate commission payments.

What You Will See In The Updated Seller Agreement

Section 5: Payment Processing Accounts - This section will address that in order to be eligible to participate in JVZoo’s Affiliate Program, whether using Instant or Delayed payments for affiliates commissions, Seller’s will both utilize JVZoo supported payment processors and adhere to applicable terms and conditions of those processors.

Furthermore, to participate in the upcoming release of JVZooPay, you must register and create an account with a JVZooPay supported processor. All processors supported in JVZooPay will be available (and updated) in the JVZoo Knowledgebase upon release of this feature.

Section 9: Affiliate Commission Fee - Sellers utilizing a payment processor that is not eligible and set to pay affiliate commissions either Instantly or into JVZooPay (referred to as Delayed Payments) agree to pay all completed sales commissions out, in full, to the affiliate within 70 days. This allows for a refund period of 60 days and a 10 day window to release payments to the affiliate and for those commissions to be received by the affiliate. Furthermore, any Seller who chooses to utilize a Delayed Commissions Payment Processor will place a valid credit card on file with JVZoo. If completed, non refunded sales commissions are not paid in full within 70 days from the date of sale, JVZoo reserves the right to charge your credit card for all amounts owed and will review the account history to determine if the Seller’s account will be prohibited from further utilizing Delayed Commission methods on the platform.

Section 10: JVZooPay Affiliate Commissions - As a Seller, you will have the option on your Product Edit page to Select and Utilize JVZooPay to pay your Affiliate Commissions. In such case, the Affiliate Commission Fee will be credited to the Affiliate’s JVZooPay account balance for a completed sale once the sale is complete. Seller’s must be utilizing a JVZooPay approved Payment Processor in order for this option to be available in the product edit page.

You can preview the full Seller Agreement here.

What You Will See In The Updated Affiliate Agreement

Section 6: Payment Processing Accounts - In order to receive Instant Commissions from a Seller both offering these services and having approved your Affiliate Account for receipt of Instant Commissions, you must be registered and have an active account with the JVZoo Approved Processor for Instant Commissions. Processors that are approved and allow this feature are available in the JVZoo Knowledgebase.

To participate in the JVZooPay program for Affiliate Commissions, you must register and create an account with a JVZooPay approved payment provider. Eligible Payment Providers will be available (and updated) in the JVZoo Knowledgebase.

Section 9: JVZooPay Commission Fee - A Commission Fee in JVZooPay attributable to you will first be reflected in your JVZooPay account and payment will be made to your payment provider within 30 days depending upon the length of time you’ve held a JVZoo Account, the number of Affiliate Sales you’ve generated, and your refund/chargeback rate.

Prior to receiving a payout, you must have made sales from at least 5 unique users or customers of JVZoo, any minimum payout amount will be reflected in the JVZoo Knowledgebase and if requested/required, you agree to provide JVZoo any additional information in regards to sales generated and account information.

Refunds of sales generated by you where commissions were previously paid into your JVZooPay account will be deducted from your JVZooPay account. Balances that remain negative (meaning you have not generated additional sales to pay back the amount owed from refunds of your sales) may require a valid credit card be placed on file to pay negative balances for refunded commissions.

You can preview the full Affiliate Agreement here.

While reading Policy or Agreement Updates is never much fun (for us either), the platform changes and features we’ll be able to release to our users due to these updates are both powerful and necessary.

We look forward to sharing what we’ve built for your businesses!

Have a Great Day, 
Your JVZoo Team

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