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First of four major releases happening today - Your new payment processor!

We’ve got quite the lineup for feature announcements today and due to the gravity of each, we’ll be giving them their own writeup.

First up — JVZoo Introduces Zift, a payment processor built with our industry in mind!

JVZoo has worked alongside Zift for years on this buildout that allows split payments for up to 9 payees per transaction.

While payments will instantly land in your Zift account, they will be available in your bank account at scheduled intervals (the 14th and 28th of each month).

We’ve prepared more in depth marketing pieces, Knowledge Base articles on setup, and even partnered with MyCorporation to assist those who do not currently have a US or CA based bank account in gaining one, so that all JVZoo users may participate in utilizing Zift.

We’ve even worked with Zift to create some "Best Practices" to ensure your account is never at risk. You’ll not only find these guidelines in JVZoo’s Knowledge Base, but our compliance team will be reviewing your sales pages with these items in mind.

Even better, Zift’s risk department is committed to working WITH our users in the event of an issue. They’ll contact you, explain what their concerns are, and give you a timeline in which to correct the issue. How awesome is that?!

Throughout the day, JVZoo will be announcing more feature releases on our "Official JVZoo.com Facebook Group."

Follow along to see our next announcement regarding affiliate commissions and an additional layer of control we’ve added for you.

Here’s where to go to learn more on Zift at JVZoo: https://jvzoo.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015732574

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