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What is Zift?


JVZoo now integrates with Zift, a payment processor that was built for Affiliate Marketing.  With Zift, payments are instantly released to your Affiliate’s Zift account, which will be withdrawn to their bank account at scheduled intervals.  If your Affiliate does not have a Zift account, payments must be released manually.

As a Seller, Zift offers the following features:

  • split payments between a maximum of 9 different affiliates
  • Split a fixed amount or a percentage of the transaction, which can be specified on a per transaction basis
  • Apply the split to the overall transactions or apply a unique split scenario to each of the items within the transaction
  • Transactions originate with a primary merchant (the Seller) and are split to the affiliate on a fixed cycle
  • Recover split amounts on refunds and chargebacks from your affiliates.
  • Easily manage recurring payments for your subscription business, services and softwares
  • Low fees of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction

For more information on how JVZoo and Zift integrate, click here.

Currently, Zift is only available for individuals or legal entities who have a bank account, Tax ID number, Social Security number or SIN number, a physical address (no Post Office boxes) for their entity and a resident of the United States and Canada. 

Zift can support affiliates that don’t reside in the US or Canada as long as the affiliate has a Payoneer account and provides Zift with their Payoneer USD receiving account as their bank account upon sign up.

As a Seller, we recommend that you review Zift’s Acceptable Use Policies, Underwriting and Best Practices which can be found here.   

For more information on how to configure your Zift account with JVZoo, click here.

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