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How to Release Affiliate Commissions on Stripe Transactions

When a customer checks out using your Stripe payment processor, the Affiliate on the transaction cannot be instantly paid at the time of sale even if the Affiliate is set to Instant Payments. Instant payments can only be made when using PayPal as your payment processor.

Affiliate Commissions for Stripe payments must be paid manually.   To release an Affiliate’s commission for Stripe payments, go to Sellers > Transaction Payouts > Manual Transaction Payouts or click here.

On the Manual Mass Payment page, you will first see a report listing all transactions where at least one of the Affiliates or JVs must be paid manually, outside of the JVZoo system. Here the Seller can select the transactions to be paid manually by placing a checkmark next to the transaction they wish to pay.  

Next click the green "Review Payees for Selected Transactions" button.


Next you will specify how you wish to pay all transactions or each individual transaction, either by PayPal Mass Payment file or a Mass Check file.


Next you will click the green  “I will pay these directly” button.  Once you click this button, JVZoo notifies the payees to expect a payment from the Seller and marks these items as paid.

In the final step, you are able to download files containing the details of who is to be paid and how.  If you chose to pay via PayPal Mass Payment, you will need to download the file and then upload it into your PayPal account for payment.

To view a video on How to Release Manual Commissions click here.

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