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[May 10th, 2018] JVZoo Terms and GDPR Announcement

JVZoo Users now have the tools needed to ensure GDPR compliance when utilizing the JVZoo platform.

We have updated our Privacy Policy
Customers can access and review their personal data
Customers can view and alter their personal data
Sellers can search for and delete all personal data of their customers
Customers can “lock” their personal data and restrict processing of their personal data
Customers can export their personal data
Users will be notified if there are any security breaches affecting their personal data

Checkout page opt-in boxes, utilized for marketing emails, now require active consent from EU customers.

A Data Processing Addendum (DPA) has been added and may be accessed in My Account under Data Protection.

We've also implemented cookie consent. No cookies with personal data will be set without the user's consent. As you know, this can adversely affect user experience.

JVZoo has updated terms in the works between our attorneys and VeraSafe, the third party we are working with to ensure GDPR compliance. Once those updates are complete, they will be made available to preview prior to them going into effect. We've worked with our counsel and determined the delay in these updated terms is best for JVZoo's users, rather pushing multiple adjustments to our terms.


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