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Deleting Individual’s Personal Data

If an individual reaches out to you and requests in writing that their personal data be deleted, you must comply pursuant to Privacy Law regulations. You have thirty (30) days from the date you received the request to comply.   To comply go to Sellers > My Customers.  You can search for the customer by email or a JVZoo payment id from a purchase the customer made.  Click the "Search" button 


Once you have verified you have the correct customer, click the red "Delete" button.  After you have deleted a customer's information, the customer will lose access to any product they have purchased from you through JVZoo.  In addition, once you have deleted a customer's information it cannot be undone.  

Please note we have made this feature available for all customers.  However, GDPR ONLY grants rights to EU customers. It is up to the Seller to determine if they would like to extend this feature to customers that are not EU individuals.  

For more information on what GDPR is, click here.  

DISCLAIMER: Neither JVZoo nor any employee or representative of the Company is an expert on GDPR regulations. It is recommended that you speak with your accountant and counsel to ensure you're protecting your business.

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