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[February 25th, 2018] WEBIMATE IS NOW LIVE!

Are You READY for it...

Because we sure are!

JVZoo’s own automated webinar platform, WebiMate, is NOW LIVE!

No matter if you are a Seller or an Affiliate you will benefit from WebiMate Webinars. Increasing conversions and profits has never been easier.

This ZERO-COST platform is a combination of both power & simplicity.

You will get all of the profitable results of webinars, with none of the hassles. And of course, step-by-step training to maximize your results, right inside the platform.

Get all the details and answers to your questions on WebiMate Webinars at the following links below:

What is WebiMate?
How to Find WebiMate Webinars to Promote
How to Set up A WebiMate Webinar
How to Add a WebiMate to Your Products

As always, have a great day!
Your JVZoo Team

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