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Commissions and refunds when configuring a new PayPal account

When a new PayPal account is configured within an Affiliate's account the commissions on sales made prior to the change will be paid to the original PayPal account on file at the time of the sale. 

Any refunds processed after a PayPal account is changed for either the seller or Affiliate will also be taken from the original PayPal accounts configured in JVZoo at the time of the sale.

Existing pre-approvals will be unaffected by a change in PayPal accounts and recurring payments will continue to be made to the original PayPal account on file at the time the pre-approval agreement was set up.

Any new sales, pre-approvals, and commissions that were made after the change will go to the new PayPal account on file, as will the refunds on those sales.

If you are unable to process a refund on all parts of a transaction because one or more of the PayPal accounts has been changed you will need to process the refund outside of the sale. If the affiliate commission cannot be refunded it may be because the affiliate has no money in their account, or that they have changed their PayPal account. You can see the reason for the error in the refund by looking at the Payout Status at the bottom of the transaction page for any transaction. It is then recommended you contact the affiliate directly if you are unable to process a refund. You will then need to either collect the refund outside of JVZoo, or if the affiliate has the same PayPal account determine when they will have the funds to cover the refund.

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