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Definition of a preapproved payment plan

Preapprovals have hard limits and we are lucky to have the 10 years we have. The customer is normally doing PayPal Subscriptions which is a different type that we do not support and those are unlimited.

Most people call all payments that happen at set intervals to be "recurring" and/or "subscriptions" which is the norm for every day talk where this becomes an issue is when talking to PayPal or their support.

What is happening at JVZoo with pre-approved payments:

All recurring payments at JVZoo are setup via the Adaptive Payments API as a "preapproval" at PayPal. These are very strict contracts between buyer and seller and PayPal has gone on record that they can't modify or even cancel these on their side. With 5 years experience with these PayPal "preappovals" this has held true to this day. You can't change anything about them - no date changes, no amount changes and no email changes for the buyer or the seller.

PayPal also has the much older and flexible "subscription" payment which is money going from one PayPal account to another PayPal account. PayPal account by the way is an account that can have up to 5 at any given time and the emails tied to the same root account. Changing these emails, adding new ones or removing them does not mess up PayPal "subscription" payments because it is tied from root account to root account.

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