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Invoices for JVZoo transaction fees

As a seller, you have the option to place Affiliates on delayed payments.  When you select this option, you are also placing JVZoo on delayed payments. If you do not release payments to your Affiliate while the transaction is on your Delayed Transaction Payouts or within 90 days then JVZoo sends you an invoice for services rendered for the fees (5%) owed to JVZoo.  Invoices are sent out once a month for any transaction that is over 90 days old.  

You will receive an email and a notification in your account indicating that you have an outstanding invoice.The image below is what you will see if you have an outstanding invoice.


You have two options of how you can pay your invoice:  (1) pay now via PayPal or (2) place a credit card on file to be charged for the invoice.  When you receive your first invoice you will be asked to add your credit card as a back up payment method for fees. To avoid having your card charged use the Pay Invoices Now via PayPal option.

To view your outstanding invoices, go to My Account > Invoices or go directly to your Invoices.

Learn more about how to pay your affiliates who were placed on Delayed Payments in the article here.


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