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How often does JVZoo bill on delayed payments?

As a Vendor you may have the option through your JVZoo Account to elect a delayed payment plan for any commission fees to an Affiliate. Before you can elect to use a delayed payment plan, you must first provide JVZoo with your valid credit card information. If you are an existing Vendor electing to use a delayed payment plan for the first time, you will be required to provide your valid credit card information before you can re-access Your JVZoo Account. By electing such a delayed payment plan and providing your credit card information to JVZoo, you represent and warrant that the information you provide is valid, accurate, complete, and you specifically authorize JVZoo to use such credit card information to secure payment for any commission fees or other amounts owed by you to JVZoo.

You shall notify JVZoo immediately of any changes to the credit card information you supply. Failure to provide valid, accurate, and complete credit card information or to notify JVZoo of any changes to that information will cause you to lose eligibility for any delayed payment plan, in addition to any other remedies available to JVZoo.

You can see your outstanding payments on your sellers dashboard. To find this report you will go to the “Sellers” tab and then go to “Transaction Payouts” and click on “Delayed Transaction Payouts”. You can also go to the link below if you are logged into your JVZoo Account:


JVZoo bills monthly for anything that is over 90 days. For now, it's 5% for all delayed payments. Currently, you will be able to see this percentage detail when you receive billing notification.



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