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Refund flow when the Affiliate is on delayed payments

If an affiliate is on delayed payments and commissions have not been made to the affiliate then the refund will process as normal. However, if you have paid your affiliate you are responsible for the refund and will need to follow the same steps as for any refund. You can read the article about how to process a refund by clicking here.

As long as the affiliate has funds in their PayPal account you will receive the affiliate payment back. If you receive an error stating that JVZoo can only refund a portion of the payment this could be because the affiliate has no funds in their PayPal account. You can either continue with the refund or try the affiliate portion again at a later time. When speaking with the affiliate you will want to let them know you are unable to process the refund due to lack of funds. The status of each portion of the refund is listed on the transaction page. The refund button will remain available to you as long as any portion of the refund is not yet processed. The customer will receive the full amount back from your own payment account if the refund is attempted when the partial error is given.

To pay commissions manually go to the Sellers Tab > Transactions Payouts > Manual Transaction Payouts or by clicking here: Manual Transactions Payout.  On this page you will be responsible for collecting any funds sent to the affiliate outside of the JVZoo system. Please note it is very important to not process a manual payment until the JVZoo default refund period of 60 days has passed.

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