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Manual Mass Payments - PayPal Mass Payment and Mass Check File

Manual Transaction Payouts describes cases where a payment cannot be automatically paid to at least one person in the transaction.  This occurs when the Seller uses Authorize.net or Stripe as the payment processor, which do not support adaptive payments. This may also happen if the Affiliate is unable to receive funds at the time of sale, or a commission does not process through the delayed payments queue as expected.

A commission will be removed from the manual payment request when a refund is issued. You will no longer see the Pay Key associated with the refunded transaction listed on your “Unpaid Transaction Payouts” report.

To view Manual Transaction Payouts, go to Sellers > Transaction Payouts > Manual Transaction Payouts or click here.

Here you can choose how you would like to pay your affiliates, either by a PayPal Mass Payment, or a Mass Check fileYou can do this for all affiliates using the same option or select individually.

On the Manual page you will first see a report listing all of the transactions affiliates or JVs must be paid outside of the JVZoo system. Selecting the transactions to be paid manually and clicking the "Review Payees for Selected Transactions" button allows the seller to specify how each person will be paid, either by a PayPal Mass Payment or a Mass Check file. Clicking the "I will pay these directly" button creates a notification to the payees to expect a payment from the seller and marks these items as paid. In the final step, the seller is able to download files containing the details of who is to be paid and how.  The PayPal Mass Payment file, will then need to be uploaded into PayPal for payment. 

If you select to pay your affiliate by a Mass Check file, you can send payment in any form that you would like, such as check, ACH, wire transfer, Stripe, etc.  If you need to reach an Affiliate to discuss how you will be sending payment, you can do so in the JVZoo messaging system by simply clicking the envelope next to their name.


This video will show you how to process manual mass payments.


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