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Customer filtering - how to blacklist a customer

JVZoo allows you to blacklist customers to prevent them from purchasing from you.  You can blacklist a customer, preventing them from buying products from you in the future. Simply go to the My Account > Account Details and then scroll down to Customer Filtering and click the arrow to expand the section and click the "Edit Information" button.
From there you will be able to configure your blacklist to your desired specifications such as adding a custom URL that the customer will see if they have been blacklisted, configuring your peer network blacklist settings, adding a specific customer's email to your personal blacklist or blacklisting an specific country.

If you have created your own page that you want a customer to see when they have been blacklisted, click the configure now button next to Blacklist Redirect URL and enter the information and click the orange "Save" button as shown here:  Customer_Filtering_-_JVZoo.jpg

JVZoo can crowd source your blacklist by including the Email Blacklists of other JVZoo Vendors by setting up your Peer Network Blacklist.  If you want to setup the peer network blacklist click the "Configure Now" button.


On the next page you can set a threshold value to determine how man other sellers must ban an email before that email is also banned from your products.  JVZoo recommends a Peer Network threshold value of 3 to 5.  Simply enter the number you would like to set and click the "Save" button.


If you have a specific customer who you do not want to allow to purchase your products, you can add their email to your personal email blacklist.  You can also view emails that are currently on your list by clicking the "View Email Blacklist" button.  This will take you to another page that lists all the emails you have blacklisted. On that page you can also remove the email from your blacklist by clicking the red "X" next to their email.  To add an email click the "Add Emails" button.


On the next page you will enter the email that you want to blacklist.  You can enter one email or multiple emails at a time then hit the "Save Emails to Blacklist" button.Email_Blacklist_Search_-_JVZoo.jpg
Lastly, you can blacklist an entire Country from being able to purchase your product by clicking the "Configure Now" button. Customer_Filtering_-_JVZoo.jpg

On the next page you will find a list of Countries, simply click the country to add them to your Country Blacklist then click the "Save Changes" button.



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