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Get Affiliate links and Add Bonuses

  1. First go to the Affiliates tab and click on Approved Products in the drop down. On this page you will see all of the products you have been approved for as an Affiliate within the JVZoo platform. 

    Affiliate1.jpg                Affiliate.jpg
  2. On the Approved product page, look for the product and click Get Links. If you can't find the product on the list, type a keyword on the search field and click Search. 


  3. Here you will see your commission percentage and your affiliate link.  This is the link that you need to send your customers to receive credit for the sale.  After copying the link, click Close.
  4. If you want to add a bonus to a promotion, click the three-dot icon beside the Get Link button and select Bonuses. It will direct you to the page where you can enter details about the bonus.



  5. Type the bonus title and select which option to grant the bonus. You can either provide a URL where users can download it or upload the bonus file directly (up to 128MB). 

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