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How To Add an Affiliate Bonus

Affiliates often use bonuses as an incentive for purchasing a product through their affiliate link. You can add your bonuses to the customer's purchase automatically in 3 separate places.

The first place you can add a bonus is on the Affiliate Dashboard:


You can add a bonus on the Affiliate Details page for the product that you want to add a bonus to as shown here:ProfileMate_-_VIP_supercharged_searches_-_Affiliate_Information_-_JVZoo_and_Add_And_Manage_Bonuses_-_Google_Docs.jpg

Or you can also add a bonus by going to Affiliate Bonuses on the Affiliate menu as shown here:


To add a bonus click the Add affiliate Bonus button as shown here:


A window will appear where you will enter the details about your bonus including: the product you want to add the bonus to, name of the bonus and select either a bonus url where you will be given a place to enter the url where the customer can see their bonus or upload a file.  Please note that the accepted file types for uploading a file are pdf, zip, rar and gz and that max size of the file can be 128MB.


To watch a video on how to set up your bonus, click here.


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