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Today we are introducing several new opportunities for you to get your product or launch the exposure you want it to have. JVZoo Ads is our new self-service advertising system which allows you to put your product or launch in several key locations around the site.

Advertising Opportunities:
Hot Topics - without a doubt the dashboard is the page people see first and constantly reload for their stats.
Login / My Account - these little ads haven't ever been available to the public, but now they are.
Find Products - now you can place your product at the top of the page every affiliate goes to in order to find products they wish to promote on JVZoo.

To get started, you will find the new "Advertise with Us" link under the Seller’s Tab, as well as a "Advertise With Us"" link at the bottom of our home page. Simply select the location of your ads, the dates, and enter the required information. You’ll be able to preview your ads before finalizing your purchase.

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