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Protect your account with Delayed Payments

When an affiliate is on delayed commissions and makes a sale the seller receives the payment in full. JVZoo does not hold the affiliate's portion of the sale.

To learn more about how to pay your affiliates who were placed on Delayed Payment, please click here.

The commissions will not automatically be paid unless you have given an affiliate instant commissions and process payments through Paypal.

JVZoo has a 90 day delayed payment option that is in place to protect everyone. If there are refunds and the affiliate is on delayed payments you won't need to retrieve any commissions that would be paid out on an instant payment. As the relationship between the affiliate and vendor grows, you can remove the 90-day delay.

Commissions can be paid at 90 days or you can pay at any point before that if you have built a relationship with the Affiliate.

You can find a helpful video about the importance of using the Delayed Payment option on the Affiliate Request page.

Below is a video that discusses the details of protecting your account and how you can use the affiliate's stats and information to make decisions when approving affiliates.


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