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Auto Approve Affiliates

In the product editor you have the option to Auto-Approve all Affiliates that request to promote your product:


The default setting for Auto Approve is set to Delayed Payments. 

If you are logged into your JVZoo account you can go to the link below found under Sellers> Affiliate Options> Your Affiliates

Your Affiliates

On this page you can change the status from Delayed to Instant Payments for any affiliate you want to receive Instant Payments.

Sellers can view their auto approved affiliates by navigating to Sellers> Your Affiliates> Auto Approved Affiliates

Auto Approved Affiliates

In the search box on this page you can search for Affiliates by name or Affiliate ID. Once you locate the Affiliate you will see the button to add auto approval for this affiliate.

aff2.pngYou will also see a list of all Affiliates that are already Auto Approved. You can remove the Auto Approval at any time. 


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